Founded by Harry Rowland and Séamus Wright, BandForce was born from a desire to develop a simple, versatile and effective training tool for all. With a shared passion for fitness, they wanted to free people from the constraints of the gym and repetitive workout routines by using resistance bands to boost fitness regimes for all.


Our ethos is to ensure value for money, variety in your exercise routine and the ability to exercise anytime, anywhere. BandForce creates movements and resistance routines that improve strength and mobility in a safe and controlled way, helping you avoid injury through over-loading your joints.





Harry is a former professional rugby player, renowned personal trainer and ambassador for Lululemon. Specialising in mobility and dynamic Reformer Pilates, Harry has worked with everyone from professional athletes right through to those embarking on their first ever fitness programme.

A true believer in fitness for all, Harry has spearheaded the BandForce revolution in strength, speed, mobility and injury rehabilitation training. 




Having worked with a vast range of clients, I understand that everyone has different goals and this was at the forefront of my mind when we started BandForce. I want anyone to be able to train in a way that will help them understand more about how the body is supposed move and feel.


BandForce resistance bands really help you take standard exercises to the next level but without the risk of overloading your joints, instead working the muscles to their full potential. Not only that, you can take your bands and train anywhere; to the gym, at the park, hotel room and most conveniantly to train in your own home.


Seamus is a keen athlete, whose passion for resistance training was fuelled upon meeting Harry.  

Working closely with Harry, both taking classes and managing the business, Séamus is also the driving force behind bringing this flexible and effective training tool to the masses.




When Harry introduced me to resistance bands it changed the way I trained forever. As a sportsman, I've suffered from many injuries and they've affected my performance though time.


However, when Harry took me through a month long mobility and core strength programme using resistance bands, I saw a huge improvement in not only my injuries, but also in all areas of my fitness. As the bands could be used anywhere, it was easy to maintain the programme by myself.


After seeing how effective they were for me, I wanted to help change the way people train for the better.