The BandForce 'Ready' pack is our full range of resistance bands combined.


This set will bring you your very own gym catering for all your fitness needs. Strength, flexibility, coordination, fat burning and mobility can all be obtained from this packag



Pack includes:
1 x BandForce Orange

1 x BandForce Blue

1 x BandForce Red


BandForce Mini Bands:


1 x Yellow (Light)
1 x Blue (Medium)

1 x Red (Heavy)

1x Black (Extra Heavy)



Please note resistance ranges for full size bands set out below:


BandForce Orange resistance ranges from 9kg to 14kg.

BandForce Blue resistance ranges from 14kg to 23kg.

BandForce Red resistance ranges from 18kg to 36kg



If you are using these bands as part of injury rehabilitation, please check with your doctor/physiotherapist before usage.


BandForce 'Ready' Pack

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